Here at Pocket Pot Kit, community support is of the highest importance to us. That's why we've created the Pocket Change program—a way for us to give back to those in need, and those who have given us so much. 

Its hard to imagine a group of people more in need and deserving of help than our veterans. They've sacrificed their blood, sweat and tears, their limbs, health, and even sanity to protect our nation and our freedoms. Sadly, after returning home, their needs are all too often under-addressed, over-medicated, or outright ignored by the very officials who sent them off to war. Despite mounting medical evidence and decades of testimonials from veterans of all ages suggesting that cannabis is the safest, most effective medicine for treating their chronic pain and post traumatic stress disorder, most vets are still denied legal access to it. 


That's why we at Pocket Pot Kit have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from every purchase on this website to the Weed for Warriors Project—to do our small part to support our veterans and help give them access to the medicine they so desperately need and deserve. 


For a small amount of pocket change, we can all help effect big changes in the lives of suffering vets. 

the change