We all know the best way to store your stash is in an airtight glass jar, right? Only problem is, glass breaks so easily. But fear not—our highly educated experts have come up with the perfect solution: our durable 50ml stash jars are lined with glass, but surrounded by 100% renewable, organic bamboo featuring airtight screw-on lids that keep your herb fresh and protected. Now you can confidently carry your stash jar and fragile glass smoking accessories side by side in your bag without fear of them crashing together.


  • 50 ml (also available in smaller 30ml size)

  • Holds about 3-4 grams of flower

  • Laser engraved logo—no stickers to rub off

  • 100% organic, renewable bamboo

  • Airtight and smell proof screw-on lid

Bamboo Stash Jar (50 ml)

SKU: 55982