No more dilemmas deciding whether to take your bong, pipe or joint-rolling supplies along— they are all included! Not to mention all of the other accessories needed to maximize your sessions, all securely contained in our exclusive smell-proof lockable mini-duffel bag.


  • 100% smell proof, locking, heavy-duty, mini-duffel bag (12" x 5") with removable, adjustable shoulder strap, two adjustable piggyback belts, exterior smell-proof pocket and two interior mesh pockets
  • Thick borosilicate honeycomb perc rig, featuring a curved neck, flared mouthpiece, and solid base
  • Cinch-top dust bag lined with waterproof ripstop material to protect your kit and its contents from dirty water leakage and residue
  • Quartz banger for concentrates
  • Quartz bowl for herbs
  • 4.5" ultra-thick durable borosilicate hand pipe with three smoke-smoothing, ash-stopping restrictors
  • 63mm 4-layer grinder, crafted out of anodized aircraft aluminum with CNC-machined
  • diamond sharp teeth
  • Zippered, protective grinder case
  • 30ml glass-lined, organic bamboo stash jar with airtight, smell-proof, screw-on lid
  • Two 5ml silicone concentrate containers with dab tool, nestled into a tin that doubles as extra herb stash when emptied
  • King size slim joint roller
  • Joint storage tube
  • 3 packs of Raw King Slim rolling papers
  • 3 packs of Raw filter tips
  • 8" x 6" non-stick, food-grade silicone dab mat

Rig Kit

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