Our experts set out to create the absolute best possible functioning smell-proof bag, and we succeeded.


We're proud to present our customers with the ultimate, locking, 100% odor-proof stash bag. Our bags are lined with five layers of the most advanced odor-locking technology available. The key to this bags amazing scent containment is the activated carbon layer system that draws through, and like a sponge, absorbs any volatile organic compounds, sealed in by rubber-coated, smell-proof zippers that securely click into the three-digit combo lock to keep your stash safe from sticky fingers.


Go anywhere with this versatile bag that has a removable, adjustable shoulder strap. The two adjustable velcro straps that wrap around the body of the bag, tighten to secure contents as well as allow you to attach the bag to a bike, motorcycle, wheelchair, backpack, or virtually anything with a bar or strap making it ideal for an active lifestyle. The perfect size to fit everything you need for your sesh with a 12" length and 5" width, it's just right to fit your rig or travel smoke wear and with the two interior mesh pockets and exterior smell-proof zippered compartment, you will have plenty of storage for all your accessories.


  • Five layers of 100% smell-proof activated carbon technology

  • 12" x 5"

  • Triple-digit combination zipper lock

  • Military-grade polyester

  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap

  • Adjustable velcro straps for bikes and piggyback options

  • Two interior mesh pockets

  • Exterior smell-proof pocket with sealed zipper  

Smell-Proof Mini Duffel Bag

SKU: 55968
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