Nothing beats those clean, tasty hits out of a quartz banger heated to the perfect temperature, but that means dealing with a torch, butane supply, timer and waiting for the right temperature.


Our highly educated experts e-nailed it with this one! This e-nail delivers the best of both worlds with the high quality, removable, large moat, quartz dish percisley heated to your desired temperature by the universal titanium nail that fits any joint size, male or female making it ideal to pair with any glass collection. A 16mm barrel style coil quickly heats your banger in 3-4 minutes for settings from 0-999 degrees, programmed by a PID control box so you can set it and forget it. We have thoughtfully included two quartz banger dishes so you'll have an extra, a universal titanium carb cap with dab tool tip, 6x8 inch nonstick silicone dab mat, two silicone containers, and a carbon fiber design carrying case so you can take the show on the road. We are so confident in the quality and reliability of this e-nail, we back it with a one year warranty.


  • Universal titanium e-nail fits all male or female joints sizes

  • Easily removable quartz dish with a large moat  

  • Extra bonus quartz dish

  • Fits all of our smoking devices (including the bubbler)

  • Protective zippered carrying case with carbon fiber design

  • Universal titanium carb cap with dab tool tip

  • 6" x 8" non-stick silicone dab mat

  • 2 silicone concentrate containers

  • Heavy-duty 5' braided cord w/velcro strap

  • 6' 110v heavy-duty power cable w/velcro strap

  • Compatible with any rig

  • One year warranty

Universal E-Nail Set

SKU: 55990